The VBAC Coach does not provide medical treatment or medical advice. Please discuss all medical decisions and treatment with your primary care provider.

VBAC Classes and Series

These classes were created to address the emotional and informational needs of the post-cesarean mother and partner. These classes include information on the latest research and evidence based practices effecting VBAC and Gentle Cesarean birth. The classes also provides a safe opportunity to process previous birth experiences, release fears, and give the husband/partner resources and confidence to support the birthing mother. When you leave class you should both feel informed and empowered.

The classes will include: 

  • Choosing a birthing location
  • Choosing a provider with a low cesarean and high VBAC rate
  • Evidence for doulas
  • Comfort measures for home and hospital 
  • Prenatal testing, exams, and care
  • What to expect when you arrive at your place of birth
  • Common interventions and alternatives
  • Pain management and comfort measures/positions
  • Emotional and fear release 
  • Postpartum Care
  • Evidence for VBAC Birth and Gentle Cesarean Birth Options

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